‘The goalkeeper is one of the most important members of the team whose training plan differs from that of other players, due to his special role.

Using this programme allows all goalkeeper coaches to compile complex and tactical goalkeeper technical exercises within minutes and then with one keystroke transform them into 3D animations. The main advantage is that these practices can be stitched together and complex training plans can be prepared out of them. The software implements that on one screen, from the point of view of the goalkeeper, with a degree of freedom that is not available elsewhere.

Using the internal documentation editor game situations, key points and descriptions can be attached to the existing goalkeeper exercises. I can send training plans, once prepared, to my goalkeepers via the internet to support preparations at home.’

Zsolt Petry

Goalkeeper Coach, Hertha BSC, 2015-

Goalkeeper Coach, 1899 TSG Hoffenheim, 2009-2015

One-time adult national selection member

38 times in the Hungarian national team