Leading coach

‘The great advantage of the programme is that it allows me to prepare complete training plans based on new and existing practices.

Using the built-in automations and pictograms, it is possible to prepare a short game within 1 minute, while you would need only a few minutes for more complex exercises.

Proportional, 3-dimensional visualisation helps players understand sophisticated tasks. When executing a corner kick or when placing a wall, particular situations can be modelled using real-size (proportional) players, and in addition countless individual data can be entered into the programme and these data can be visualised and amended.

Using the internal technical documentation editor, I am able to send the prepared training plans and multi-phase exercises to the players in a format which accessible to anyone.’

Ferenc Bene

Leading Coach, Vasas SC, 2019-

Federal Coach, Hungarian U18 selection, 2018-2019

The author of the„A Taktikai Periodizáció” (Tactical Periodisation) methodological technical textbook.